comrade_sir (comrade_sir) wrote in 1776_contest,

Fanfiction: "Incredible"

Hi everyone! I just joined this community about 2 minutes ago, but I discovered it several weeks ago, and I've read and enjoyed many of the entries on it. I hope y'all will enjoy my stuff just as much. I also hope that my fic is considered "on topic" and that my lj-cutting works...yeah, I haven't posted much. *grins sheepishLEE*

Title: Inhibitions and Exhibitions
Author: comrade_sir
Rating: R for Rutledge
Warnings: See above. Also, SoloM and voyeurism
Pairing: In a way, Adams/Rutledge, but this is NOT a lovey-dovey-fluffy fic in the least.
Summary: Adams thinks he catches Rutledge in a moment of weakness.
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