Thomson's Whore (lover_of_1776) wrote in 1776_contest,
Thomson's Whore

We Have A Winnah!!!

Guess I've left this up long enough. A big THANK YOU to all who voted. Really appreciate it. It means the community is not entirely dead. was unanimous. The winner of the Incredible! Challenge is..............

Inhibitions and Exhibitions by comrade_sir

Congrats, me darling!!!

As winner...if you would may choose the theme of the next challenge.

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i see no one is making winning bannors anymore can i start making them?
Let me contact the banner maker to make sure she's cool with it.

ok :)
Oh, YAY!!! Thank you to everyone! *hugs* I most certainly would like to pick a theme! Do I send it to you to be all secretive, or do I post it here? I have to think long and hard about a good theme. ;)
You can send it to me all secretive. I loved it that way. It's....somewhat...naughty. My email is on my profile.

Congrats, again!!!!

Hi! Did you get the message I sent you over LJ awhile ago about the theme? I was just wondering because I didn't find your e-mail on your profile. Yeah...probably an epic fail on my part. XP